Tow-able Snowcraft Vehicle

This looks like fun! This Snowcraft is a tow-able snow pod. You hook the Snowcraft up via it’s hitch to a snowmobile or ATV and then catch ride over the snow, ice and slush on a pair of flexible skis. A gas operated shock suspension system makes the bumps nice and smooth. Inside are 2 cushioned seats with seatbelts for safety. Take the kids along on a snow ride on the trails (or off).
snowcraft back
The craft’s streamlined shape has 8 windows for great Winter visibility. Rear vents give air flow so it doesn’t get too stuffy. The vehicle has brake and running lights as well as reflectors. Holds up to 350lbs of passengers, measures 7 feet long by 45″ wide and weighs 300lbs empty. Available in red, blue, black, or yellow. A great way to add additional passenger capacity to your snow machine, especially for the kids. Plus it kinda looks like a spaceship from Star Wars.