Squeeze Snow with a Snowball Squishy Ball

There’s nothing more relaxing than squeezing a snow ball, right? I guess. Well unless you live in Alaska or maybe Syracuse in a Winter-only time warp where you skip all warm weather, you can’t just grab some snow and squeeze it whenever you’re a bit stressed. And even if you could do that, it seems like a lot of effort to have to go outside and make a snowball just to squeeze it before it melts in your hand. That is, unless you had this Snowball Stress Ball. Squeeze it and get the feeling of crunching through snow, without all the mess and coldness. This guy’s hand looks stressed!

Inside the ball is a mysterious non-toxix jelly-like compound, it’s secret formula locked up tighter than the Colonel’s secret recipe. Rumor has it that it’s known only to 1 man who sits inside an igloo in a nondescript dry ice factory in China, never to be revealed. It’s 2.5″ in diameter, which means the hand in the picture is pretty small, no wonder he’s stressed. With this NeeDoh Snow Ball, it’s always a winter wonderland, at least in your hands.