Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe

That’s no moon! One enterprising and skilled craftster Backwards Props created this homemade Star Wars collectible. He took a regular magnetic levitating globe and transformed it into Darth Vader’s little pet project. First he unwrapped the Earth’s crust to reveal the mantle.

Then he downloaded some blueprint plans for the Death Star from the Internet (sloppy work, Storm Troopers, that’s a major security breach leaving those plans out). He cut out the “eye” and sunk it in.

A light sanding and a coat of gray primer followed. He drilled a series of small holes and taped over them to paint the remaining part darker and not fill in his holes with paint.

Then for the sake of accuracy to a fictional ship, he did a series of calculations to get the super star destroyer ship (which he attached) to the exact scale it should be. Wow, the Death Star really is huge, right?

Then he put fiber optic strands in to light the whole thing up and placed it back in it’s rotating stand and presto- awesome. Here’s a video you can see it in action:

Well done sir, well done.

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