ReadyCase is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases

Usually smartphone cases are little more than eye candy and protection for your phone. Sometimes they will pack one extra function like a kickstand onto the case. But the ReadyCase is something totally different, it has 7 functions in one. The case itself is fairly slim and manages to pack a headphone clip, USB thumb drive (8 or 16GB) which also works as a kickstand, a quick snap lens ring, and a multi-tool which has standard and serrated blades, flat head screwdriver, and a bottle opener.

That’s a lot of stuff in one case- I like that headphone holder, that’s pretty slick. As you can see it’s not very thick at all. It comes with three lenses to attach to the lens ring (macro, fisheye, wide angle). Here’s a video demo:

The ReadyCase starts shipping in February, with prices starting around $60 including the lenses or a bit less without them.

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