Pet Door iPhone Cases

These Pet Door iPhone 5 Cases might look slightly impractical with that big ol’ dog (or cat!) sticking out but it’s actually smart. The pet coming through the doggie door actually works as a stand for your phone, in either portrait or landscape mode. Bet you can’t do that with a real cat.

Of course trying to put your phone away with a toy animal sticking out of it would be slightly awkward, so the cats and dogs actually twist off. And fear not, you won’t be left with just half an animal, as the front half of the pets snaps into the back half and forms a phone charm or a keychain.

Comes in two dog variations (dalmatian and french bulldog) and two cat styles (russian blue and american shorthair).

One thought on “Pet Door iPhone Cases

  1. Well, I have to say that these are quite interesting. I don’t know if they’re for me but I bet there’s a great base of animals lovers who with want one.

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