Boomphones, Headphones that Transform to a Boombox

Depending upon your perspective, Boomphones Phantom is either the greatest idea ever or the worst. They work just like regular headphones but they also have speakers on the OUTSIDE of the headphones, so 4 speakers in all. Push the button and you’re sharing your music with the world. They are battery powered to amplify the sound and LED lights show which mode it’s in. It has a microphone for use with your cell phone too.

It’s great to have a combination headphones and speaker set so you can listen to your music, your way. Put them around your neck or on a table and share with your friends or plop them on your ears and keep it to yourself. Great for traveling. On the other hand, most people who use boomboxes to blast their music have terrible taste in music (not you, of course, everyone else).

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