Aroma and Sound Therapy Alarm Clock

Soothe yourself and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit with essential oils and calming sounds and get the time too with the Aroma and Sound Therapy Alarm Clock. Wake up to a pleasing aroma or sound, or fall asleep with the sleep timer. This clock also lights up in one of six different colors to suit your mood. A diffuser tank uses ultrasonic vibrations to release your essential oils into the air. The clock can also play 5 different calming nature sounds like raindrops, ocean waves and singing birds. There’s even a remote control and the unit turns off when the water level is low for safety.



One thought on “Aroma and Sound Therapy Alarm Clock

  1. That’s a great gadget:) I use my light therapy alarm clock, which also comes with different sounds (like birds chirping), but this is one more gadget I simply must try!

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