Sideways Mounting Alarm Clock Lets You See the Time Without Rolling Over

sideways alarm clock
The Emily Alarm Clock mounts on the wall. The red LED digital display is read sideways, which means that you can see the time while you’re still lying down in bed without having to roll over. This sleek alarm clock is made of walnut wood with a brushed aluminum casing for a very stylish appearance.
sideways alarm clock closeup
So you’re probably like me, asking yourself, “can’t I just read my existing alarm clock sideways-it’s not that difficult”. Well I concocted a very scientific test using advanced testing methods- I turned my alarm clock on it’s side to see if it was in fact easier to read lying down. My conclusion: yes- much easier on the eyes if your clock is facing the same direction as your head. When you wake up in the middle of the night, the last thing you’ll want to do is strain your eyes to see the time.

The main advantage of this clock is not necessarily having the digits facing you in the prone position- it’s the wall mountability. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another wall-mounted alarm clock. There’s many situations where this would ideal- if you don’t have room for a nightstand (ie a couple who pushes the bed all the way to the wall- the inside person can have their own alarm now) or if you wish to keep your nightstand clear or use it to put other objects on instead. Plus it looks REALLY nice and modern.

You can purchase the Emily alarm clock here for $129

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