World’s Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles

We have covered the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle, so how about the world’s smallest jigsaw puzzles? These puzzles are so small, they come with their own plastic tweezers to help you put them together.

The 4″ by 6″ puzzles are die-cut into 234 pieces each, which makes it the smallest pieces ever to be die-cut. The cool thing about this puzzle is that it’s not going to hog up your whole dining room table for weeks at a time while you put it together. And at 4×6 inches, it’s the same size as a standard photograph which makes it easy to frame when you’re done.

They come in a wide variety of styles: puppies, Christmas, various major league baseball and NCAA sports teams, sailboats, safari animals, cats, and more (clickthough to see full selection). Would make a great stocking stuffer for puzzle lovers and kids old enough for the tiny piece size.

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