Star Wars Metallic Nano Puzzles

star wars falcon Puzzle
Make your own Star Wars miniatures with these metallic nano puzzle kits. Available in Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 versions, each starts out as a laser cut sheet of thin steel. You use scissors and a pair of needle nose pliers to cut and bend the puzzle into these iconic Star Wars shapes (alternatively, you could just use The Force if it’s strong with you).
An illustrated guide is included (which is helpful since it looks like the words are in Japanese). No soldering, gluing, or taping needed- it all fits together like origami. Here’s how R2 would come together, omitting most of the steps:
R2D2 Metallic Puzzlesteps
When complete, R2-D2 is about 2.75″ tall and the Falcon is about that same length. Looks slightly challenging, a lot of fun, and you have your own shiny shiny Star Wars model when you’re done. All around win.