Super Mario Beer Pong Table

It has been proven time and time again that people will spend extraordinary amounts of time, money and effort creating things to help them drink beer. This Super Mario Beer Pong and Flip Cup Table is no exception. Dan Byckalo, spent 100 hours of his (apparently very ample) free time to build this six foot long table that can be used for either (or both at once!) game.

The table has an exceptional amount of characters and details from Super Mario 3. We’re talking scenes from all of the game’s 8 worlds, each of which has 10 enemies, a Mario and a pair of items, 7 Koopa Kids and a Bowser castle at each end with the 7 Kings in the middle of the table. To top it off (literally) Dan put -8 coats of urethane on top to seal it against even the most aggressive beer ponger.

Check out the highly detailed making of and walkthrough video:

Well done Dan.

via kotaku