Batman Signal Key Chain

It’s a crazy world out there. Sometimes you need a superhero to save you. Someone like Batman. Since Batman’s phone number is unlisted, you can’t just call him up. You need to signal him- with a Batman Signal Key Chain. Just press the button and it shines the Batman signal out from it’s internal light and Batman should arrive soon after.

This die-cast batarang keychain will also- shocker- hold your keys. Of course if you lose you keys with the Batman Signal Key Chain attached, then you have no way to signal to Batman to come rescue your keys….unless you had a second Batman Signal Key Chain in your other pocket (and yes I’m pretty sure that Batman does do some locksmith work on the side these days with the economy being how it is).

Note this might not work to properly summon the Batman outside of Gotham City limits, check with your wireless batcarrier if you’re not sure. Also note that Batman charges overtime rates on Sundays so try to stay out of trouble until Monday if possible.