Cthulhu Dice Bag Plush and 12 Sided Cthulhu Dice

I suppose if you’re going to be carrying a bunch of dice around with you, you’re probably going to want to do it in style whether it’s a pair of standard 6 sided dice, the nerdalicious 20 sided die, or anything in between. The Cthulhu Dice Bag brings the mythical creature into a plush 15″ long by 9″ wide bag that can hold all your dice or other small objects. Take out Cthulhu and strike instant intimidation into your gaming opponents. Who would want to mess with Cthulhu? Nobody.

Now that’s cool and all but if you want to take it to the next level, you can pre-order yourself a giant 12 sided Cthulhu die.

These 4″ squishy foam 12 sided dice come in four colors and come with 18 Cthulhu shaped silly bands. And you know nothing says scary like silly bands. If those dice fit inside the bag that would be pretty awesome. Either way, these are some pretty cool gaming related Cthulhu objects.

(Plush Dice Bag)

(Cthulhu Dice)