Wireless Floating Speakers Put the Party in the Pool

Summertime means lounging by the pool listening to those great summer songs. Now you can get that music in the pool or hot tub with the Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Floating Pool Speaker, a stylish spherical speaker that goes right into the water. No need to drain all the water out and drill a hole in the side of your pool and wire it up with this speaker (I assume that’s how you would do it, right?). The transmitter stays poolside, high and dry and plugs into your iPod or any other music device while the speaker cranks out the tunes in the pool.

The 900mhz signal means that you can set the speaker anywhere within 150 feet of the transmitter and it will get a clear signal without any line-of-sight requirements (ie you can plug it into your computer or stereo safely inside the house). The transmitter runs on either AC power or batteries. The cool thing about the Audio Unlimited speaker is that it works with their full line of wireless speakers including fake rock speakers and regular mountable speakers- so you can set up a whole backyard system with various speakers everywhere all piping in the same music.

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