Keyport- Next Generation Keychain Alternative

Is the future of keychains a rectangular shaped Swiss Army knife style device called the Keyport? Maybe so, maybe not. The Keyport holds up to six keys, each with it’s own separately colored slide out knob. You push the key out with your thumb. This eliminates that dangling and jingling you get from handling a keychain with many keys on it (very annoying in the car). Each Keyport also has an optional bottle opener, USB flash drive, and a mini-LED light built in. A lanyard attachment can hold car alarm fobs or other items. Action video? You got it:

The Keyport is small enough to fit in the change pocket of your jeans, so that’s a definite plus for those who don’t like to keep keys and gadgets in the same pocket to avoid scratching. It comes in your choice of 8 colors. The negative is that pricing starts at $79 and you still have to pay to get your keys made from the (included) specially designed key blanks. Lending keys out is trickier too.

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