Back to the Future II Time Circuit Keychain

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads- but we definitely need keychains. Once this baby hits 88 mph, well not much actually happens, it’s not a DeLorean powered by stolen plutonium, it’s a keychain. The Back to the Future II Time Circuit Keychain is a San Diego ComicCon exclusive item (that would be 2017 in case you’re reading this in the future, and if you are, please say hi to our robot overlords and maybe you could bring me back a few years so I could make a few small stock purchases? Ok thanks).

Sure it would be a lot cooler if you could actually change the numbers but hey, it’d be a lot cooler if we all flew around on hoverboards and had self lacing sneakers. But it’s not and we’re still walking around on our manually laced sneakers. At least the Cubs won the Series.