Scented Flash Drives

creamsicle scented flash drive
While we’re not exactly sure WHY you’d want a Scented Flash Drive, the fact that you CAN get one is pretty jazzy. That’s right, jazzy. We’re jazzed. You can get these 4GB flash drives in one of three delectable scents like Creamsicle above. Or how about jelly donut?
donut scented drive
Ok now that we’ve brought donuts into the equation, it’s starting to sound pretty appealing. I mean, why wouldn’t you want everything you own to smell like donuts? Jelly donuts, no less. Need something to wash that down with? How about a cola scented drive?
cola scented flash drive
Can we get back to the donuts now? Each drive has a little keychain attachment so your keys can also smell delicious. Besides just smelling great (we assume) these flash drives are also totally adorable with their little smiling faces.