Anti-Snoring Device “Watch” Snore Stopper

anti snoring watch
Snoring can be terribly disruptive to both you and your partner getting a good night’s sleep. Heck, in some cases, it can keep the whole house up. The Anti-Snoring Device Snore Stopper Watch, is not technically a watch since it doesn’t tell time but it will help you sleep better at night.

The device is two parts- the wristwatch style monitor and bio-sensor pads you wear on your wrists. The bio-sensors send a gentle electronic acupuncture massage pulse which helps to train your body to relax it’s muscles and stop snoring. The signal is mild enough that it won’t wake you or disturb your sleep. This use of biofeedback intelligent sensors ensures that the snore stopper is triggered only by snoring and not by other sleep sounds. 3 pairs of sensor pads are included and the device will automatically turn off after 8 hours.

Now, the big question is “does it work?” The reviews seem mixed. Of the three reviews on Amazon, two say it works like a charm and quickly while the third says not so much. So like many snoring solutions, it probably depends on the individual and since snoring is caused by a variety of different factors, it’s effectiveness might also depend on the root cause of your restlessness at night. The device is not too expensive, so it’s definitely worth a shot to try if you’ve tried other stop snoring aids and they haven’t worked.

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