Mutant Media Ellipse Wireless Speaker System

The Mutant Media Ellipse is a stylish all in one indoor/outdoor wireless speaker system. The system has an iPod/iPhone dock in the center for charging and playing. The two weatherproof speakers are detachable and self powered. They can be recharged simply by putting them back on the docking base. The Ellipse uses 2.4GHz technology to stream your music to the speakers up to 150″ away.

The Ellipse has an aux-in jack to connect your non-iPod devices. It also comes with a wireless USB transmitter so you can play music from your PC wireless as well. Each speaker has it’s own volume control on top. There’s a remote control too, so you don’t have to get up. It does it all, really. Available at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Mutant Media Ellipse Wireless Speaker System

  1. I saw this at a Wisconsin Menards store on a clearance Endcap for $45.00 Thought I would give it a try. I was very disappointed. Number one problem was getting the wireless to work thru both speakers at the same time. It shouldn’t have been difficult. Number two problem, the speakers were relatively quiet. I mean they should have been boomier for the size and weight. Problem number three and the reason I took back; every so often the sound coming out of the speakers would go silent. Only for a split second but what the hell? Anyways, I had them for about 2 days but they drove me crazy and were returned.

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