Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of two thousand geek wives and girlfriends taking out their credit cards for their geek man’s Christmas gift. The Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe is officially licensed and ready for a day of serious lounging on the couch watching the original Trilogy for the 85th time. Look at this guy in his robe, look at that air of contentment and geek superiority:

I want to be content and superior. I want to lounge around in luxuriously soft terrycloth with an embroidered Jedi logo. I want an extra 42 points of geek cred. I want to dry myself off the Jedi way. This Jedi robe also doubles a Halloween costume (and personally I’m a big fan of Halloween costumes you can use throughout the year). The bathrobe is $99 from ThinkGeek which qualifies it for a free glow in the dark ghost t-shirt.