How to Carry 8 Buckets of Water at Once By Yourself

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly moving large quantities of water around (usually in the form of beer in my stomach but I digress). If you’ve ever tried to carry a bucket of water you’ll learn one important fact very quickly: water is freakin’ heavy. That’s why they invented the hose. End of post.

But seriously, the H2GO Bag is a giant wheelbarrow shaped bag that you can put water in for easy transporting. It can hold up to 80 liters (22 gallons) which is the equivalent of about 180 pounds of water. I don’t know about you wusses but personally, I carry 180 pounds on my shoulder like it’s a child’s backpack. But for the weaklings among us, sure, go ahead and put this bad boy bag into a wheelbarrow and push it around.

The bag comes with a non-slip liner to go between the bag and your wheelbarrow. The spout is positioned so it can easily be poured out. Just use your grandma arms to tilt the wheelbarrow and feed those thirsty horses.

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