Saturator AK47 Water Gun Puts Automatic Weaponry in Water Fights

Water gun fights have just been taken to the next level. Perhaps you’ve seen those water guns that fire a semi-continuous stream of water, as long as you keep pumping the handle? The Saturator AK47 does it one step better. It’s a fully motorized water assault weapon. This water assault rifle is battery powered to shoot a non-stop stream of water.

The Saturator shoots four water “bullets” per second and can shoot continuously for 250 “bullets” or over a minute. No pumping, just pull the trigger and the first shot goes just as far as the last shot- over 20 feet. It has a removable clip (just like real AK47’s) that you use to refill the water. It’s the next generation of water guns. Comes in your choice of blue, yellow, or clear for $19.95 from Vat19.