Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock

A great movie once predicted that the world would be covered by water and could only be saved by Kevin Costner. Well that same liquid that trapped future humans in a world ruled by Dennis Hopper can now be used to get you up in the morning so you can go sit at a desk on dryland. The Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock runs entirely on water- no batteries needed. Just change out the water every few weeks to keep the magic going.

It works by some sort of chemical reaction between water and metal. Or it’s a witch. Either way it looks really cool and you could put a little food coloring in there for a sweet effect. Plus it runs on freakin’ water! Like your local AM radio station, it gives you the time and temperature. The clock retains it’s memory for 2 minutes while you change the water. Buy it for $24.95 at Vat19.

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