Commodore Keyboard Key Magnets

Now that Jay Z is sampling Alphaville, it’s official that the 80’s are back. Of course I’ve been sampling that song in my head for years. Give me a call Jay if you want to know what’s gonna be hot next year (hint: everybody Wang Chung tonight). The folks at Geekware hip to the 80’s too and they’ve turned some classic Commodore computer keys into magnets.

A lot of people are actually big fans of the Commodore keyboard’s feel, calling it the best, most comfortable keyboard to type on ever. I wouldn’t know since I was using an electronic typewriter until about 2003. But I’ve heard stories. Well put some keyboard nostalgia on your fridge or other magnet surface while you contemplate why you’re being nostalgic for a keyboard of all things. Either way they make neat looking retro magnets and run $12.95 for a set of 6 assorted that comes in a tin. Cools stuff for 80’s fans. Aquanet hairspray not included.