Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover

anti cat keyboard
Stop those pesky felines from bothering you while you type with the Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover from Japan (where else, right?). Place this plastic shelf over your keyboard and go about your business- cat-free. The cover has enough room underneath so you can still type even with a cat “sitting on” your computer.
cat protection keyboard
Since the cover is clear you can still see what your hands are doing. And you know what your hands are not doing? Getting rendered useless by a 10 pound ball of fur sitting on top of them. Take back your hands. Do it for yourself. Show those cats who’s the boss (unless you have a cat named Tony Danza). Even if you cat is Garfield-sized, you can keep it off as the cover holds up to 22 pounds of feline.
anti cat keyboard in use
Sure you could also use it as a regular shelf to hold your phone or stationary or whatever other office supplies you need at the ready. But what fun is that? Besides, your cat will just knock that stuff right off anyway. Comes in clear, yellow, or blue.