Floppy Disk Planter

We’ve seen other reuses for those old floppy disks like pen holders and boxes but this Floppy Disk Planter is totally different. You see it’s a box with a plant in it. Because while you can only have so many pen holders, you could always use more planters. In fact you could give them away to friends as gifts. The simple addition of the plant turns this DIY project from a “meh” pen holder to a “my oh my” plant holder.

Just so you know, and since I’ve already received like 12 emails asking “how do I make one” and “where can I buy one” and “you’re awesome I want to paypal you money for no reason”, you’ll need a liner inside to hold the water and soil; you can use a soda bottle or any other plastic bottle or the plastic pot the plant came in.

To put the planter together follow these instructions exactly: line up all your materials on your table, go to your computer to check your email and look up the cast of Glee on Wikipedia to see what else the dude with the crazy hair has been in, then search for the top 10 tallest buildings in Chicago, then the Hancock Building, then John Hancock, then Paul Revere, then the song Paul Revere, the Beastie Boys, Dustin Diamond, and Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Then back to the table where you use strong glue or a hot glue gun to make the box. Total project time: 5-6 hours depending upon your interest level in American Revolutionary War history and Saved by the Bell minutiae.