Wedding Ring Burns Your Flesh Days Before Anniversaries

remember ring
Never forget an anniversary again! As long as you remember to wear the ring. The Remember Ring concept has a built in tiny micro thermopile to convert the heat from your body into electricity which powers the internal clock. When it’s 24 hours before you anniversary, the Remember Ring heats up to 120º F for about 10 seconds. Then it will continue to warm up every hour on the hour. So there’s no way you can forget the anniversary this year. At a mere $750, there’s no way you’ll forget anyway since you’ll be paying off that credit card bill for the next 20 years. Or the hospital bill from the seared flesh wound on your ring finger.


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  1. A pre-wedding ring –engagement ring is given usually to commit acceptance of eternal marital relationship.The idea expands with the presenting of promise rings or eternity rings that signify the serious courting relationships.

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