Reversible Neck Warmer Looks Like a Neck Brace or Exhaust Vent

Get that “I’ve just been in a car accident” look we’re all striving for without the whole pain and suffering part with a Reversible Neck Warmer. This reversible neck warmer lets you chose the padded fleece or the always stylish mylar side to keep your neck toasty. Personally I’d keep the fleece side in and the mylar out so that I looked more like an exhaust vent (btw the exhaust vent look is VERY hot for this Fall, look for it on the runways).

Unlike conventional neck warming items like say a “scarf”, this neck warmer does not have any “distracting loose ends” to get in your way while you work or play. The streamlined neck hugging design is said to offer maximum comfort and flexibility while keeping air, moisture and bitter cold out. Plus you can cut lines, park wherever you want, and generally play the sympathy card at will if you wear since everyone will think you are injured. That’s a lot of benefits for under $10.

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