Universal Wrist Charger Puts a Battery Pack on Your Wrist

One of the worst things that can happen to a person in today’s connected society is to run out of battery power on your gadget right when you need it the most (like waiting in a really long line, or when you’re about to save the princess in Mario). With the Universal Wrist Charger, extra backup power is right at your fingertips…errr rather it’s right near your fingertips I should say, when you need it.

The design of this charger enables you to actually use both charger and your gadget while being able to move around. There’s no need to place a bulky charger on a desk or table and be tethered to one location, the wrist charger stays close to your hand that holds the gadget. It makes perfect sense.

This circular bracelet of a battery pack contains a 1500 mAh lithium ion battery. It weighs only 82g and can charge up via USB or plug. There’s 4 power level LED indicators so you can easily see how much juice is left. The wrist charger comes with a 9 different connectors including iPhone, PSP, Nintendo DSi and mini-USB (click through for full list). The wrist chargers runs $34.99.

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  1. hello world i am hear to tell you a story about the three little pigs they all ran away from the big bad wolf with his wrist charger. the first pigs house was made of straw he charged up his breath with the charger and huffed and puffed and he blew the house down. then the little pig ran away. the wolf did not chase him because he went home to charge his charger. when he reterned he saw 2 pigs in a stick house so once again he charged his breath and he. he huffed and puffed and he blew the house down. but then he saw a brck house and ran away when arms popped out of the house with a wrist charger on its wrist and the house charged up its breath and blew the wolf away.

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