A USB Flash Drive the Size of a Truck

Mega storage capacity indeed. This truck serves as an eye catching billboard for Indian media storage and technology company Moserbaer. Very witty and appropriate to what the company sells. Just in case you were wondering, the cubic capacity of a typical tractor trailer like this one is 4000 cubic feet, which is approximately 6,912,000 tiny USB flash drives (assuming each is 1 inch cubed, that’s 12x12x12 per cubic foot x 4000). If each is 1GB, that would be 6,912,000 GB of storage in that truck or 69 yotta bytes if my math is correct 6.9 petabytes (6.9 quadrillion bytes) (thanks alexis from dreamers requiem for the correction). That’s some mega storage capacity for sure.

via alternative marketing (fr) (thanks dominique)

3 thoughts on “A USB Flash Drive the Size of a Truck

  1. Cute truck.

    I’m afraid your math is off though. That’s actually 6.9 petabytes of storage. Still a huge amount of storage, which I would love to have. 🙂

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