Bunk Beds that Fold Flat Against the Wall

Here’s a great space saving piece of furniture. The Lollipop Bed System is a set of bunk beds that folds flat against the wall when not in use. The photo above shows them stowed away, with the maximum amount of floorspace freed up for other uses. Below you can see them unfolded and ready to sleep on:

That’s a cool spacesaver. Like a Murphy Bed but not really. The integrated ladder also serves as a railing for the top bunk. Reminds me a bit of the bunk beds couch. Would be great for apartment dwellers or people who live in small spaces and want a spare bed but don’t need a couch like a traditional convertible bed.

It comes in a few different options including a desk or shelves instead of the bottom bunk as shown above. It’s available in the US from Resource Furniture or the UK from BonBon. No prices listed, so expect to pay a premium.

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