Ryobi Tek4 Allplay Music Player is an MP3 Player for Your Toolbelt

Most MP3 players are not designed to stand up to the rigors of a construction site. The Ryobi Tek4 Allplay Music Player is specially designed for the job site. This 2GB MP3 players is water, dust and impact resistant- it’s made to withstand tough environments on the job or on the go.

It has a built-in spring loaded clip designed to fit on your toolbelt or armband. The buttons are all large and angled for easier use with work gloves on. Ryobi is known for their power tools and this is probably the only MP3 player you’ll find sold with the power tools at Home Depot. It’s battery holds enough charge for 72 hours of playback and it costs about $70 in home improvement stores. That’s a lot more than a comparable iPod but it’s worth it if you need a tough MP3 player, your options are pretty limited.

oh gizmo via coolest-gadgets