FlatFlash Credit Card Sized MP3 Player is World’s Thinnest

flatflash mp3
Thin is in! Sure MP3 players like the iPod Nano and iPod Shufle are small but nothing like this! FlatFlash is producing the world’s thinnest MP3 player- it’s credit card sized and small enough to fit INSIDE your wallet. The FlatFlash player is made of double laminated unbreakable plastic and is heat and waterproof! They claim you can run it through the washing machine and it will survive. The Wallet MP3 player has a patent pending double sided USB connector that is used to both connect it to your computer for music loading and charging and it also functions as a headphone jack (it appears to use some sort of USB connector adapter to do this though).
flatflash mp3
The MP3 player comes in 1, 2, 4 and 8GB sizes. It’s designed as a corporate branding and promotional type item where you can print your company’s logo or marketing message prominently on both sides. No prices are listed (the order now button doesn’t seem to do anything), so contact FlatFlash if you’re interested.

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