Sound Egg Puts 5.1 Surround Sound Inside an Egg Chair

sound egg chair1
The classic iconic egg chair has just gotten a lot better. 5.1 times better to be exact. Acousticom has just announced they are bringing back the egg chair, this time with 5.1 surround and a 10″ Sub woofer under the seat for an official release at CES 2010 this January. The inside of the chair is lined with acoustical foam in one of 12 color choices, while the chair itself comes in one of 7 colors. A truly immersive sound experience.
sound egg chair
Just like Mork and Mindy! Only better sounding. In fact, this would be ideal for watching reruns of the famed Orkian. Nanu, nanu! Better yet, how about some video games or action movies? This looks like it would be an intense acoustical device. If you’re going to CES this year, add the Acousticom booth to your must-see list to try out the surround sound egg chair yourself.