Empty Frame Chair is Ideal for Hanging Clothes On

If you’re a slob like me, any chair in your household becomes an instant clothes rack when not in use (and even sometimes when it is in use). You need a spot to hang all those inbetween clothes- the ones you wore for only a little while so they’re not dirty but not clean enough to put back in the closet. It’s one of mankind’s biggest dilemmas, where to put your worn but not dirty clothes. War, poverty, hunger, natural disasters, oil spills, global warming, recession, housing crisis and the dirty clothes situation. Well if you had a Sacrificial Chair from Punga and Smith, you’d solve your problem because it looks like a chair but it’s really just a metal frame to hang clothes on. My dream closet has no hangers or shelves but just about 20 of these “chairs” lined up in a row to hold all my clothes.