CritBuns Saves Your Buns (From Pain)

Sitting for long hours on a hard floor, wooden bench or stadium seat can really hurt your ass after a while. Especially if you have a bony bottom with less cushion for the pushing, if you know what I mean. So one Rhode Island design student decided he had enough of the pain from his long hours spent at design school sitting on the floor critiquing the other students and he did something about it- he created CritBuns. CritBuns is a portable seat cushion.
More portable than a floor pillow (someone should make a pillow with a handle!), CritBuns is designed to be taken from one spot to another. Put your cheeks on it’s cheeks and feel the relief. It’s made of a weather resistant foam that’s easy to clean. Great for fishing, gardening, poolside, kneeling, concerts, waiting outside for your American Idol audition, and more. Available for $19.99 at CritBuns or various museum and design shops (MoMA, SFMoMA, Pratt Store, etc).

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