DJ Inspired Jewelry

earbud necklace
Here’s a line of men’s jewelry that’s a bit more badass than your typical baubles. The Novum Collection is a series of DJ inspired jewelry pieces that blend music and technology into something edgy and sophisticated. Like the earbud necklace above. Show off your dedication to tunes with a set of earbuds made of precious metals- made from sterling silver and available in a variety of finishes such as gold plated.
audio plug pendant
There’s also the audio plug pendant above. The plug is actually hollow inside so you can store an extremely small amount of something inside- maybe some “DJ powder”? It comes on a diamond cut sterling chain.
audio plug bracelet
Lastly is the audio plug bracelet. I like how it actually “plugs in” to function as a clasp. If you want to get down with these jewelry pieces you don’t have to drop the bass but you do have to drop a few hundred bucks depending upon the style.