Necklace Clock Can Only Be One or the Other

The Necklace Clock from designer Thorunn Arnadottir is both a necklace and a clock, but not at the same time. The beads of the necklace represent the hours and minutes of the day. Each bead is 5 minutes while the reddish ones are the hour beads. As the wall clock turns, the beads go around the cog and drop down the necklace.

To tell the time you count the beads from either the silver bead (midnight) or the golden bead (noon) to the last bead that fell off the wheel. If you want to “stop time” you just take the whole necklace off the wheel, put it around your neck and head off for a night on the town looking totally fabulous. And with time on your shoulders, there’s no need to worry about coming home late!

thanks for the tip gordo!