Flappy Bird Plush

flappy bird in hand
Remember Flappy Bird, the frustratingly difficult game where you move a bird up and down through a course of Super Mario-like pipes? It was the biggest game in the IOS app store and then poof! Vanished like an aging teen pop idol. Well it’s back- sort of. Now you can buy a Flappy Bird Plush, a softer and cuter version of the game’s hero.
flappy bird plush
The cool thing about this 8″ wide bird is that you can never really lose (unless you’re really uncoordinated). Hold the bird in your hand and let him flap up, down, even sideways and always avoid the obstacles in your home or office. Plus this bird hasn’t been pulled out of the store just when he’s at the peak of popularity. You can even take out your frustrations with the game by throwing this plush Flappy Bird across the room or giving him a good hard smack- don’t try that with your iPhone!