Angry Birds Speakers and Helmet Pig iPod Dock

Yes! Official Angry Birds Speakers are here. Unlike the cheap unlicensed Angry Birds speakers on eBay, these are the real deal from official licensee Gear4 (and much larger). These 2.1 stereo speakers put out 30 watts of angry bird power:

Note the themed stand for your device- the black bomb bird’s is an iPod/iPhone/iPad dock but the red one’s is actually just a stand and not a dock, so you can stand up any phone that fits (and use pretty much any device that has a headphone jack even without the stand). Here’s the best one- the helmet pig iPod/iPhone docking speaker:

How cool is that? The pig and black bird come with remote controls, all 3 have volume and bass control. They even come packaged in a faux wooden crate:

These speakers run $79 for the red bird, $99 for the black bird and $99 for the pig. Available directly from Gear4 soon. (use coupon code CHIRRP10 for 10% off, btw)

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