Magnetic Hangers Don’t Need No Stinkin Hooks

Hangers- thought they couldn’t be improved upon? Thought the perfect hanger was invented and we were stuck with the current design for eternity? Think again, my friend. That hook on the top to keep them in place on your closet’s hanging bar? Who needs it? Now there’s something better (in concept anyway), it’s called a magnet.
The Aufhanger was designed by Milica Balubdzic and uses powerful magnets within it’s body to attach on to the steel rod of the wardrobe. It’s designed in both a flat and curved style as show above. The hanger could be made of aluminum, wood, or plastic, as long as it has the magnetic piece under the rim on the top. The look is very clean and stylish, yet functional. Good design, I could see this being introduced in high end closets.

via yanko

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