Cardboard X-Box Controller Chair

xbox cardboard chair
Here’s an interesting DIY seating option- an X-Box controller made almost entirely of cardboard. Note the touch lights for buttons. It almost reminds me of one those covers the car companies put on their test cars to keep prying eyes off the next year’s model while it’s being road tested. That or a stealth bomber- made of cardboard. Supposedly the six foot long chair can hold over 200 pounds, which seems like a lot considering it’s made entirely of cardboard and hot glue. I guess if you own this chair you don’t invite any potential Biggest Loser contestants over to play video games. Skinny folks only. Yep I just called a 199 pound person skinny. I guess it depends on your height. Whatevs. Cool craft project though.

White Trash Mandy, thanks Jimbo!

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