Golden Buddha Cellphone

golden buddha cellphone
The Golden Buddha Cellphone is made of genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and has a 24k gold plated finish which probably explains it’s $1750 cost. Wow! The product description says it’s ideal for the successful business woman that wants to announce her elite status to the world.” I don’t see anything particularly feminine about this phone (well ok, maybe those soft gold curves). It seems equally audacious and gaudy for both men and women, in my opinion.

It does come with a “virtual prayer hall”, enabling you to make offerings to various Buddha Illuminati with one of 8 prayers and 5 virtual offerings. I don’t know much about the logistics of making a virtual offering but I do know that this clamshell phone also has a camera, video, supports bluetooth and works on GSM at the two frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz (sorry, you’re outta luck North America!!!).

chinavision via ubergizmo

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