Headphile Makes Your Headphones Pretty

headphile yin yang
Headphile is a company that takes your high end headphones and turns them into works of art. They make custom headphone mods using fine and exotic woods while still maintaining the functionality of your audio listening devices. They also create really sweet custom headphone stands to match the designs on the headphones.
headphile snakewood
To top it off, Headphiles makes improvements on the original headphones by upgrading the wiring, adding in better cables, or new speaker grills or wooden enclosures. It’s bound to be pricey but if you’re a true audiophile who wants their headphones to stand out, these are some of the prettiest headphones you can buy.

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    1. Clearly you are not the target consumer for this service, and that’s ok.I don’t see the purpose in mocking those who choose to use it though.You can buy at Ikea, or you can buy fine furniture,choices are what makes the world go round

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