Multipot is a Gadget Charger and Stylish Lamp in One

The Multipot is one of the most stylish gadget chargers we’ve ever come across. Lets face it, most multi-gadget chargers are little more than a box with some cords. The Multipot is more than that- it’s also a nice looking lamp. Shaped like a bucket, the translucent lamp is lit from the inside via a LED light casting a soft warm glow.
multipot light
One would be hard pressed to guess that this lamp was in fact a charging station. Just lift up the lid and it reveals the five power outlets under the lid. You could plug in any gadget you want, although ones with bulky AC adapters that plug directly one can’t be supported due to their weight. Weave the cord through the slot in the lid and your devices get stored conveniently and neatly on top of the Multipot. You could store your keys or wallet up there too.
multipot top
The Multipot was designed by Dante Donegani & Giovanni Lauda, comes in white, black or chrome and sells for a bit over $325.