Malena Lamp is Not What It Seems

The Malena Lamp from Modoloco looks like a normal white table lamp. But not everything is what it seems with this lamp. For a simple look at Malena from another angle reveals:

It’s actually a C-shaped piece of aluminum surround a light with a cutout in the shape of a classic lamp. So when you look at it from straight on, it looks “normal”. Really cool. I think the best placement for a lamp like this would be right in front of you across from a doorway so that when you enter the room you are automatically in the straight on position to view the lamp’s illusion.

via designtavern

One thought on “Malena Lamp is Not What It Seems

  1. Perfect for those who are “too smart” to just own a simple table lamp. Still, I admire the design, while I resent the pompous people who I know will probably own it.

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