Nike Zoom GI Joe Sneakers- Cobra Style

Nothing is more American than GI Joe. And nothing is more American than two big companies coming together for one single merchandise movie tie-in. And that’s exactly what we have here with Hasbro teaming up with Nike for a pair of GI Joe sneakers. For some reason they chose two Cobra dudes instead of the good guys but I guess someone has to be the bad guy.

The first of the shoes (shown above) is the Nike Zoom Sharkalaid Storm Shadow edition. Note that they both come in collectible boxes and are probably not meant to be worn. Strange world we live in. Anyway, the second pair below is the Nike Hyperize Supreme Destro edition. As you can see it (like the Sharkalaid) has the Cobra logo prominently featured right on the tongue. The Cobra logo is also featured inside on the sole- not that you’d ever put your feet in these pricey kicks.
The Storm Shadow runs $200 and the Destro one is $220. Ouch. Go Joe!

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