Camera Cube Bubble Level Keeps Your Shots Square

camera cube
A professional photographer or an amateur with a pro-style camera can do everything right when setting up a shot- getting the focus, white balance, ISO exposure settings all in place for the perfect shot- but if the camera’s not level it’s going to look like a 16 year old high school girl took the shot at a funky angle for her myspace page. All the photography tips and tricks in the world aren’t going to help you if you hold the camera crooked, particularly if you are shooting something with straight lines- it will be painfully obvious if your shot is not level.

A hot shoe mountable Bubble Level for your camera is the quick and easy solution to getting level shots each and every time. Just slide it on top of your digital camera or video camera and line up the bubbles. Works whether you’re holding it in your hand or on a tripod. Ideal for better landscape and architecture photography.

Amazon has a wide selection: Bubble Levels

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  1. I thought this type of thing was already built into most cameras? I don’t know…I suppose it would work if you didn’t mind the extra bulk.

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