Star Wars Inflatable Light Up Lightsaber

inflatable lightsaber
Lightsabers are great. Every kid wants to have their own lightsaber and pretend they are Luke or Yoda battling the forces of evil. But the problem with most toy lightsabers is that if you put them in the hands of kids, they are going bash each other in the heads with them. Injuries are sure to ensue. Well if your kid had a Star Wars Inflatable Light-Up Light Saber they could go around whack anyone they want to and nobody gets hurt because it’s inflatable. And it lights up!

Also great for office warfare- your cubicle buddy has a rolled up piece of paper sword? Strike back heavy with a good whomp to the head with an inflatable lightsaber, FTW. The lightsaber is 20 inches long and lights up when the handle is held. It’s also inexpensive enough that it would make a good party favor. Hmmm… I just got an idea.

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