Lego Minifig Foosball Table… Goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaalego

lego minifig foosball table
Foosball or table football is one of the world’s most popular bar games. Nothing like a good pint and a some foosball. Certainly it’s a safer game for drunks than darts. There’s something about foosball that just lends itself to drinking. Maybe it’s because it’s very difficult to get good at the game (because you’re always drunk- that’s a bit of a catch-22 there).

So it’s a bit odd that what I consider to be a drinking man’s game is combined with Lego, which is basically a children’s toy. Although maybe someone came up with the idea in a drunken stupor flash of brilliance. That’s probably it. Not sure how sturdy those Lego minifigs are, I would think they need to be glued or varnished or something to give them a little strength so they little men don’t go flying when you try to score a goal. Gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllego.

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One thought on “Lego Minifig Foosball Table… Goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaalego

  1. I don’t agree that table football is a drinking man’s game as it is enjoyed by many, drunk or not. I can’t see a proper game played on this table.

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